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Though changing rapidly, most women have been raised to be ashamed of their sexual feelings. Rate my pussy tumblr. Filed under feedee forced girl.

Submission is Erotic Before I get lost in some of the reasons why being submissive is such a powerful desire, I want to make the point that being submissive is extremely erotic. Women chastity tumblr. Some submissive women would never want a spanking they thought was given as a punishment. The sub has lots of control, but the thrill is in giving that up in order to go new places inside herself.

I love when it does as it is told and performs for Me. Naked boys pic. It is an incredible feeling to have a woman you love and who loves you napping at your feet while you hold her leash in your hand. Access Denied created for me a work of art. Medical super glue is formulated to minimise these so a better bet. Enjoy her slight moans of pleasure for awhile and then firmly tell her she is not to make any sound at all as you continue to tease and caress her. The only question here is does she get just six strokes or twelve?

She is your slavegirl and if you want to enjoy her feminine charms you may at any time. A moment later, he was back with the wooden soon. Women chastity tumblr. Love nude photo. Sending to her room to await you should excite her greatly even though she knows the spanking may not be that enjoyable.

The kinds of rules and limits you set for your slavegirl depend on your wishes and insight as to what you feel is best for her, taking into great consideration her goals for herself.

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As the ice becomes smoother, rub it slowly over her inner lips and pussy. Woman in leg irons. As the Dom, you want your rules obeyed and she wants to obey them and be recognized for her desire to please you. You are too beautiful. Little things like what I am to wear when with him… or certain behaviors I am supposed to follow… my Dom used to have me kneel as soon as we were alone together, and riding in the car I was to always have my skirt hiked up. Women chastity tumblr. It should all look very neat when done. I hate it -.

Instead of having to cope with the stress of making decisions she can surrender to you and do exactly as she is told knowing she is safe in your care. If you set rules for her then never check to see they are followed, your message to her is that she is not worth the effort it takes to see that she has obeyed. Lauren jackson nude pics. She wants rules and limits set for her and knows that there will be consequences for not obeying them. Many submissive women love being treated as a pet.

If you want blogs like mine to survive: Treating her as a Cherished Pet Many submissive women love being treated as a pet. Often, the smallest of looks or commands will leave them drenched with sexual excitement. A collar is a very powerful symbol of ownership, love and commitment and should be treated with great respect. Women chastity tumblr. She would wear it at all times just at home or even under her clothing when going outside.

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One very erotic idea is to have her purr and meow for you as you caress her. Being rude to people unnecessarily. The importance of Ritual in Creating a Submissive State of Mind A submissive state of mind is very much an altered state of awareness. How to make her feel Owned The feeling of being owned is one of the most secure and desired feelings a sub can have. She may be fully clothed and busy one moment and naked and kneeling before you the next….

Used my bars today to close up my meat! Have her pay attention to her posture, and if she slouches give her a correction of some kind. Women chastity tumblr. As part of her feeling secure within the relationship, she needs — even unconsciously — to test her limits.

This touches upon the idea of her losing certain personal privacies which can increase the intimate bond between you both.

Another very romantic and even more embarrassing experience for her would be to order nothing for her and then feed her from your own plate. Anal sex is more abusive than vaginal sex.

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